Appraisal process through Carey First National:

You may and surely have seen advertised around “Call today for your Free Appraisal” and think to yourself “Why would I?”, “Maybe another day” or “not interested in selling”…

However, Carey First National aren’t advertising this to sign up & sell your home there and then…

We provide this free of charge service to refresh peoples minds of todays current market that has changed significantly over the years.

This involves a face to face sit down exchanging positive feedback & identifying areas of improvement within your home.

No crazy renovations are involved but little things ranging from styling to decluttering or small paint jobs etc…. We want you to be able to achieve the best possible price ensuring when the time comes – your home will be “buyer” ready!

After this you will have an open, clear mind of where the market is at, what people are looking for & how to prepare your home for todays harsh market from one of our highly trained agents that know & understand!

follow these 3 easy steps:

-Call 5282 1155

-Ask to speak to an agent & arrange a time

-Let it all go from there